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Icon with cog and spannerWelcome all, for another dev blog!

It will delight you to know that we had one very slow month, followed by a relatively fast one.

Rolling into October, my development tasks were largely scripting and UI. While a necessary evil, they are among the necessary evils that I somewhat enjoy working on: you make changes, and they're in the game immediately. That's usually satisfying to do.

Unfortunately, I had a slip while frolicking in the mountains with some friends a few days after our previous blog post, and ended up out of work for three weeks. (My recovery has gone just fine!)

Concurrently, you might have heard about the power situation in California. Mike (DarnYak) was one of the lucky three million affected, which chopped another two weeks' work off our October progress. Not such a hot month!

November has been quite a bit smoother. We knew what needed doing, and have been chugging through our backlog at a brisk pace. I've been pleased with the progress we've made, and looked forward to a December of iterating gameplay and tightening netcode.

That will happen, but won't be at full speed just yet as it seems to be accident season: my wrist was sprained two days ago after a (thankfully minor) cycling accident.

We'll have another update for you later in the month - hopefully with more focus on the game than this one!


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