When is this game coming out?

We're currently in technical alpha. That means we're working on netcode, stability, scripting, and trying to get the game into a functional state.

The general public might get access in 2020, or might not, depending on how we choose approach community growth and how the game progresses. Our commitment is to "getting it right".

How do I get into the alpha?

  • Sign up
  • Wait until we need more testers

Who is making it?

Kybolt, a small game studio based in Ireland, working with international collaborators.

The project's lead designer is Softmints: former developer of Dota Outland and Rise of Winterchill for Warcraft 3®, and author of Lane-Pushing Games.

What kind of game is it?

It's a lane-pushing game: an online team-based battle in which you play as a powerful hero and work with your team to lead an army to victory.

There are many different heroes to choose from, each good at different things, and this allows for lots of different and novel strategies: particularly being creative as a team.

What do I most need to know about it?

  • The design focuses on teamwork and positive leadership.
  • It's played 5v5, or in co-op survival mode.
  • Matches last 20-30 minutes.
  • It's not pay-to-win. If we go down the hero unlocks route, there will be an affordable "buy all the heroes" pack.
  • It will be very moddable. We hope to see people make new games using the platform.
  • It will be available for PC, and reportedly can run on Linux with Photon. That may change over the course of development. No info on MacOS as of yet.

What specs does my PC need?

The following numbers will definitely have changed since we tested (March 2019):

  • An Intel i7 with 12 cores and integrated GPU runs it at 30 fps.
  • The same i7 with 12 cores and a mid-tier GPU with 3GB VRAM runs it at 100 fps.
  • We haven't done any optimisation or performance testing yet. The specs will change over time.

If you have further questions, the devs hang out on discord. Ping us, ask us, we are here to chat.

The details on this site are subject to change as development progresses. You can follow along on the Dev Blog!