When is this game coming out?

Alpha is currently planned for 2018, with closed beta to follow when we're ready. We're a small team and may hit obstacles, but we'll do our best to keep you informed.

Who is making it?

Kybolt, a small game studio based in Ireland, working with international collaborators. The project is headed by Softmints: the original designer of the mod Rise of Winterchill for Warcraft 3® and author of the blog Lane-Pushing Games.

What is a "moba"?

It's a genre of online team-based game, in which you play as a powerful hero and work with your team to lead an army to victory. There are many different heroes to choose from, each good at different things, and this allows for lots of different and novel strategies.

What is it like as a moba?

  • It's played 5v5, or in co-op survival mode.
  • Matches last 20-30 minutes.
  • No out-of-game unlockables provide any in-game advantage.
  • There are no last-hits: laning has some new mechanics.
  • Heroes do not have fixed roles and can be built dynamically.

If you have further questions, the devs are regularly on discord.

The details on this site are subject to change as development progresses. You can follow along on the Dev Blog!