This page describes what Rise of Winterchill aspires to be as a game. We feel transparency about our vision is important, because:

  • It helps us have clear and efficient communication with players when discussing problems and solutions
  • It helps players efficiently decide whether RoW is for them
  • You can hold us accountable if we're missing the mark

Here's our goals:

  1. Bring out the Best in Teamwork and Leadership
    You should not only expect other players to be receptive to playing a team game: you should get used to it.
  2. Promote Community Health
    We welcome everyone, but negativity must be left at the door. You should feel empowered as part of our community, both when encountering negative and positive players.
  3. Give People Control
    You should have a strong ability to influence outcomes, and have a sense of personal control over the match. You should never be stuck thinking "I can't win...".
  4. Respect Users' Time
    The game should be easy to understand, easy to spectate, and easy to get back into (even years of patches later). Matches should last no longer than they need to, and 100% of every match should be peak gameplay.
  5. Facilitate Expression
    The game should strive to be a medium for personal and creative expression: play, build, lead, discover, and share the game in your own way.

In practice, we would also like RoW to be:

  • A game that can be enjoyed without being a time-sink,
  • A game that is a pleasant social experience, and
  • A game that actually offers some personal development, by celebrating that you get to experience working with teams of people from around the world.

It must be said that some of these goals are hard, and some of them are contradictory. It is hard to make a lane-pushing game where some players want teamwork, while others want to do their own thing. Or to give players influence over outcomes, without having them take too much blame for poor choices that affect the team.

That's fine; that's the challenge. If this was easy, another game would have done it by now. We're pursuing this hard thing because we think a game which does the above things can, and should exist.

Do check this blog post for a few more details.