Alpha Begins

Grandmaster Capture

Grandmaster CaptureHi all,

The alpha has officially begun, which marks a new era for the game and a new phase of development.

For those who haven't been invited yet: we will be tricking more people in over the coming weeks as the game stabilises.

We already have more than enough bugs on our list to keep busy, and appreciate your patience! This is very much about getting the engine functional; the fun parts will come later.

Please note and respect that we are operating under NDA for the time being, and information about testing, including who is testing, isn't public.

If you are not in the alpha yet:

  • You can sign up for it, and then
  • Wait until we need more testers

We hope to be in a position to have more of you playing soon!



Amy Ehlert

How exciting!!! :D


Hope I get a Alpha key sooner rather than later, really looking forward to trying this


i just want to play :O


Now the real question is

Minimun Spec?

Cause i use laptop with 4gb of ram and quadcore CPU
and will there be a future plan for linux support?


In reply to by Softmints

How about the anti cheat?

You can actually run windows app on linux via Wine

There even a dx9 support patch

But in order to working properly the anti-cheat is the source of problem for running it on wine…

My suggestion is if this thing will run on linux is via Wine and with custom anti-cheat that can detect Wine

This is just an info and take this to consideration for custom anti cheat


Finally nice to see fresh moba in this battle royale ridden time =) Can't wait to see how described game design philosophy will hold.


I can't wait to play this, been testing games in the past but I'm much more excited to test this than I was for heroes of the storm. They didn't listen to us and their game died. I have high hopes for this one. Make it good. <3


goodluck with Alpha , hoping to sneak into alpha somehow

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As you are not a bot: What is the name of this game?

Grandmaster Capture