Piercing through Fog

Icon for the 'Piercing Eye' ability, depicting a beastial eye peering from the shadows.

Icon for the 'Piercing Eye' ability, depicting a red beastial eye peering from the shadows.It has been a quiet month of work on the game, so I'll stick to some simple informative updates.

The main feature we've added recently is fog of war, which enables more gameplay-oriented testing as testers can now outmaneuver and surprise each-other. The two-lane map Merrilane is starting to feel a little cramped!

One design decision I'll share is that each team's troops will be permanently visible to both teams. This is in contrast to most lane-pushing games: which tend to conceal troop positions.

Since information about spawn timings and troop paths is easily researched, I am inclined to keep things accessible and show everyone where the troops are at all times. (This does not include any extra units that come from mercenary camps; those will stay hidden until they first enter vision. Some secrecy is important!)

Speaking of permanently visible, you may like to check out the completed hero kit for Rasputin, who is getting all the attention as usual...

We are currently working on a mixture of more content (always nice) and various quality-of-life features like improving pathfinding and making abilities more responsive. Alpha is still being kept small as we have our hands full with development; we will ease the gates open a little further in May.

Thanks for staying tuned!



Is this going to release on steam or will it have its own launcher?


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Hi Lanang – while we do have our own one at the moment, we haven't settled on any particular launchers for release yet. What are your opinions on them?


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Well, you're on the right website :)

Sign up for alpha testing is available on the home page. Then you have to sit tight until we need more testers! If you have any other questions in the meantime, the discord is a good place to hang out.


Hi !
I wonder what is your thought about the lane management ?
This is one of the most important mechanics of a lane-pushing game and it usually comes with vision. But I think it could be interesting to split up the two by removing the vision contribution of minions: it would become both grouping or spliting team interesting and a lane pushed could acts like an embush.
Is that an option you have looked into ? Can you explain it ? You made insteresting articles I want more now :)


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Hi Nihdogg,

I think it is important that lane troops contribute vision. The reason is that in a strategy game, we want players to be making interesting decisions, and to do that they need to have some amount of reliable information. Lane troop vision provides a basic and reliable level of information about the enemy team. If we remove it, I think there needs to be a well-considered replacement, and I don't know what that would look like yet!


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Adding well-placed permanent (neutral | team-in | toggle) wards could not be an alternative ? I mean vision could be bring by the maps rather than the minions whatever how it does. And it would allow different mechanics according to the map we are playing on, so different interesting decisions to make too.


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I think wards can work well to complement a baseline level of vision, such as that offered by troops. If teams rely 100% on wards and their own hero's vision, then the first team to secure a vision advantage will likely keep it for a long time. That may not produce good gameplay.

Innovative vision mechanics can be very cool (see NoB), but I don't plan to invest much time exploring them right now. I'm satisfied with troop vision for the first map we're doing; later maps might be more experimental on that front ;)


I would like the game to be on steam because I don't really like launcher only games.


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Hi KestreL,

We know people have varied preferences about launchers, so we're keeping our options open for now and will make sure to do our research to pick suitable distribution partner(s) (if any). Hopefully we'll find a balance that suits most people's needs.


Things are looking real good here! Rasputin's kit seems very interesting to me, and from what it looks like i'll prob be using him when i can. Can't wait to get my hands on this game, hopefully you need more testers soon!

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Icon for the 'Piercing Eye' ability, depicting a beastial eye peering from the shadows.