Art Guidelines

Paintbrush painting ink in the Kybolt brand colour

One of the tasks that I've been working on is art direction. Not being an "art person", it doesn't come naturally to me to describe what I want, so I've spent a heck of a lot of time trawling through artstation over the last two years trying to figure out what I want, and then finding the words to communicate it.

Gradually my reference folder grew, and as I came to better understand the game's lore, needs/tensions, and how the heroes are constructed: there was finally enough material to assemble some art guidelines for the game.

As any of you who hang out in the discord would know, we were recently in the market for a character artist, and several of the artists we contacted remarked that they liked the guidelines, and appreciated seeing so much detail upfront. So we thought; okay, why not share that with the community?

Here they are: the Art Guidelines from May 2018.

Our internal version of these guidelines is still evolving, but the above is a pretty massive info-dump on what we've been up to as far as art direction goes! Hopefully some of you find it interesting, and maybe you have a favourite illustrator that might be a good match for the style? If so, let us know!


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